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New Zealand 's Countervailing Case against China' s Galvanized Sheet

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December 20, according to the Ministry of Commerce, 20, the official news, December 19, New Zealand Ministry of Commerce, Innovation and Employment of originating from China's galvanized sheet countervailing investigations initiated. Wang Hejun, director of the Trade Remedies Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, said that in recent years Sino-Singaporean economic and trade relations have been developing smoothly and China's new import has been growing year by year, which has become the largest cargo trading partner for many years. New Zealand at this time on China's steel products launched trade remedy investigations, the Chinese industry reacted strongly.stainless steel sheet and coil supplier

Wang Hejun said that the Chinese case involved in the case of New Year's exports only 4,000 tons, the amount of about 3.2 million US dollars, only the new domestic market share of 2.5% -4%, did not cause damage to the new domestic industry, and other new sources of plating Zinc plate imports in two years has doubled, far exceeding the number of imports from China. New Zealand insists on investigating such a small number of Chinese products, ignoring the surge in other imported products, not only does not help solve their own steel industry is facing problems, but also discrimination against China's steel products is not conducive to further upgrade the economic and trade relations between the two countries.Stainless Steel Sheet Price In China


Wang Hejun pointed out that the weak global economic recovery, shrinking demand is the root cause of the current plight of the steel industry, countries should face together, win-win cooperation in ways to overcome difficulties. Trade protectionism is not the right direction for New Zealand's iron and steel industry. Instead, it will only have a further impact on the international trade order. We hope that the New Zealand side will adopt a trade remedy tool in a prudent and restrained manner. The trade through the dialogue and cooperation to properly resolve trade friction.Custom Industrial Reusable Plastic Pallets