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Direct installation of self-supporting figure 8 aerial Optical Termination Box 

Self-supporting (Figure-8) optical fiber cables greatly simplifies the task of placing fiber optic cables onto a aerial plant. The self-supporting figure-8 cable incorporates both a steel messenger and the fiber cable into a single jacket of Figure-8 cross section.

The combination of strand and optical fiber into a single cable allows rapid one-step installation and results in a more durable aerial plant.

Fiber patch cables can be divided into different types based on cable mode, cable structure, connector types, connector polishing types and cable sizes.

Lots of experience technicians still prefer this way since it provides the best flexibility and the lowest possible cost. Epoxy and polish connectors are the same as used by factories. You pull the fiber first, and then terminate the fiber on the site. This involves Fiber Distribution Point epoxy, high temperature curing oven, scribe tools, polishing films and fiber optic inspection microscopes. This approach needs you already have a termination kit that includes these items.